URSA is deeply focused on data analytics and cyber security for unmanned systems.

However, unmanned systems are just part of a greater whole. To effectively support DOD customers, we need to collaborate with other best-in-class companies to provide integrated, well supported solutions.

  1. We'll Identify Buyers.

    You'll educate us on your product and we'll build a customer engagement plan with government buyers who have a need, a budget and a timeline.

  2. Create a need.

    Today's federal customers are weary of sales people and demand more value, speed and control of the sales process. Our relationship-based sales approach focuses on long term customer trust so they remain open to our new ideas and partner products.

  3. Close the deal.

    Opportunities are great but closing is everything. We'll help you shorten sales cycles and increase close rates by identifying and securing commitments from the buying decision maker.