Accelerate Machine Learning.

NGD's In-Situ Processing puts computation on Solid State Drives giving you fast, dense storage and substantial weight, power and cooling savings.


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Hear about the latest developments in intelligent storage, in-situ processing, and how these technologies are changing the analysis of large data sets from NGD Systems or you can skip to 24:29 to see their Facial Recognition demo.

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NGD's Catalina 2 with in-situ processing is built to address many key issues in the programmable storage and content delivery markets that currently limit application performance and scaling. The CAT-2 processes the data where it resides in the SSD without using host resources to ensure more efficient use of storage.

NGD's In-Situ Development Platform

Up to 32TB of PCIe or U.2 NVME storage
1U form factor
API and CLI for In-Situ Applications
C/C++ Library for customization

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In-Situ Processing

NGD Systems SSD Controllers incorporate revolutionary “at storage” hardware acceleration putting the computational capability into the storage itself and eliminating the need to move data to main memory prior to processing. Learn more @ NGD Systems

Elastic FTL

Proprietary Elastic FTL and Advanced LDPC Engines provide NAND Flash Agnostic capabilities and industry leading scalability. This elasticity supports the dynamic availability of 3D NAND, QLC NAND, and future NAND specifications. Learn more @ NGD Systems

Power & Weight Savings

Our Catalina SSD has the lowest Watts/TB rating in the industry. At less than 0.65 watts per terabyte, we are setting a new metric for energy and storage density to reduce costs within data center and cold storage applications. Learn more @ NGD Systems

Interview with NGD Systems CEO, Nader Salessi.

Nader Salessi, Founder & CEO, NGD Systems & Scott Shadley, VP Marketing, NGD Systems sit down with Peter Burris in theCUBE Palo Alto Studios.

Join us! Computational Storage Lunch & Learn with NGD Systems, 03 May at NRL.

NGD Systems will showcase an evolution of storage technology in capacity, form factor, and the addition of Computational resources within an SSD. Learn how to accelerate your Machine Learning and AI projects with computational storage.

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