Brand-equivalent SFPs at a fraction of the cost.

InterOptic, the global independent leader in optics technology, helps enterprise companies and government meet increasing bandwidth, complexity and interoperability demands in their IT environments. InterOptic’s proprietary optic hardware is functionally equivalent to leading manufacturers’ brands at a fraction of the cost, installed globally on seven continents, and deployed in many of the world's largest networks. Learn more @


Optical Technology for a modern data center.

Listen in as Tim Dixon, CEO of InterOptic, stops by the InformationWeek News Desk to talk about the challenges faced as data centers and data capacity grows and how optical technology can help address those challenges.

Spotlight on the SFP+

InterOptic has designed and built high performance, high availability products for over three decades and experienced a broad range of applications (download a product line overview in PDF format). One application that helped them grow and extend profitability in the first couple of years in business was wireless backhaul. Nearly a decade ago, they assisted a large number of contractors for the major wireless providers to build out required infrastructure for 4G/LTE upgrades. Their transceivers were instrumental in providing the profit margin needed to make their business model work.