Catalina 2 NVMe PCIe Add-In SSD with In-Situ Computational Storage

PCIe Add-In Card available in 4TB, 8TB, 16TB, 32TB

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    Product Description

    CAT-2 utilizes a patented breakthrough architecture which permits it to provide in-situ processing, high capacity, and low power consumption for a variety of target markets. CAT-2 uses the NVMe 1.3 protocol on a PCIe Gen3x4 interface, while the NGD Systems proprietary QoS technology manages power, flash endurance, and latency characteristics. Starting with a base of 3D TLC flash media utilized as the primary storage element enabled by a proprietary LDPC error correction capability, ensure complete platform protection. The product is offered in a PCIe Add-In Card (AIC) and U.2 form factor and is warranted for 3 years at up to 3 drive writes per day.